Form 10-K Period: DEC.31.11 Date Filed: FEB.09.12
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  Form 10-K (Entire Filing)

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Page 3: Item 1. Business

Page 4: Boeing Military Aircraft Segment

Page 5: Intellectual Property

Page 6: Competition

Page 7: Commercial Aircraft.

Page 8: Seasonality

Page 9: Our Commercial Airplanes business depends heavily on commercial airlines, and is subject to unique r

Page 10: Our BDS business could be adversely affected by changing acquisition priorities of the U.S. governme

Page 11: Our contract costs are subject to audits by U.S. government agencies

Page 12: We enter into cost-type contracts which also carry risks.

Page 13: Competition within our markets may reduce our future contracts and sales.

Page 14: The outcome of litigation and of government inquiries and investigations involving our business is u

Page 15: We may not realize the anticipated benefits of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures/strategic allia

Page 16: Some of our and our suppliers workforces are represented by labor unions, which may lead to work sto

Page 17: Item 1B. Unresolved Staff Comments

Page 18: Item 4. Mine Safety Disclosures

Page 19: PART II

Page 20: Item 6. Selected Financial Data

Page 21: Consolidated Results of Operations and Financial Condition

Page 22: Earnings From Operations

Page 23: Other Earnings Items

Page 24: Backlog

Page 25: Segment Results of Operations and Financial Condition

Page 26: Operating Results

Page 27: Earnings From Operations

Page 28: Accounting Quantity

Page 29: 747 Program

Page 30: Fleet Support

Page 31: Boeing Defense, Space Security

Page 32: International Environment Overview

Page 33: Backlog

Page 34: Operating Earnings

Page 35: Additional Considerations

Page 36: Operating Earnings

Page 37: Global Services Support

Page 38: Summary Financial Information

Page 39: Bankruptcies

Page 40: Liquidity and Capital Resources

Page 41: Capital Resources

Page 42: Contractual Obligations

Page 43: Purchase Obligations Recorded on the Consolidated Statements of Financial Position

Page 44: Environmental Remediation

Page 45: Program Accounting

Page 46: Aircraft Valuation

Page 47: Goodwill and Indefinite-Lived Intangible Impairments

Page 48: N/A

Page 49: Item 7A. Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures About Market Risk

Page 50: Item 8. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data

Page 51: The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries

Page 52: The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries

Page 53: The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries

Page 54: The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries

Page 55: Consolidated Statements of Equity (continued)

Page 56: The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries

Page 57: The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries

Page 58: Program Accounting

Page 59: Financial Services Revenue

Page 60: Share-Based Compensation

Page 61: Postemployment Plans

Page 62: Precontract Costs

Page 63: Asset Retirement Obligations

Page 64: Investments

Page 65: Assets under operating lease, assets held for sale or re-lease and collateral underlying receivables

Page 66: Allowance for losses on customer financing receivables

Page 67: Supplier Penalties

Page 68: Vought Aircraft Industries Inc.

Page 69: Note 3 Goodwill and Acquired Intangibles

Page 70: Note 4 Earnings Per Share

Page 71: N/A

Page 72: N/A

Page 73: Note 6 Accounts Receivable

Page 74: Long-Term Contracts in Progress

Page 75: Note 8 Customer Financing

Page 76: N/A

Page 77: Customer Financing Exposure

Page 78: Note 10 Investments

Page 79: Note 11 Other Assets

Page 80: Product Warranties

Page 81: Financing Commitments

Page 82: Company Owned Life Insurance

Page 83: Credit Guarantees

Page 84: Industrial Revenue Bonds

Page 85: Note 15 Postretirement Plans

Page 86: N/A

Page 87: N/A

Page 88: Assumptions

Page 89: Plan Assets

Page 90: Risk Management

Page 91: Fair Value Measurements

Page 92: N/A

Page 93: OPB Plan Assets

Page 94: Estimated Future Benefit Payments

Page 95: Stock Options

Page 96: Restricted Stock Units

Page 97: Other Compensation Arrangements

Page 98: Changes in Share Balances

Page 99: Notional Amounts and Fair Values

Page 100: Note 19 Significant Group Concentrations of Risk

Page 101: Note 20 Fair Value Measurements

Page 102: Fair Value Disclosures

Page 103: A-12 Litigation

Page 104: BSSI/ICO Litigation

Page 105: BSSI/Telesat Canada

Page 106: Note 22 Segment Information

Page 107: Research and Development Expense

Page 108: Depreciation and Amortization

Page 109: Unallocated Items and Eliminations

Page 110: Liabilities



Page 113: Item 9. Changes in and Disagreements with Accountants on Accounting and Financial Disclosure

Page 114: PART III

Page 115: N/A

Page 116: Codes of Ethics.

Page 117: Item 12. Security Ownership of Certain Beneficial Owners and Management and Related Stockholder Matt

Page 118: PART IV

Page 119: N/A

Page 120: N/A

Page 121: N/A

Page 122: Signatures

Page 123: N/A

Page 124: SCHEDULE II Valuation and Qualifying Accounts


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