Form 10-K Period: DEC.31.18 Date Filed: FEB.26.19
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  Form 10-K (Entire Filing)

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Page 2: N/A

Page 3: Table of Contents

Page 4: Segments

Page 5: Source of Strength

Page 6: Insolvency and the Orderly Liquidation Authority

Page 7: Privacy and Information Security

Page 8: We may incur losses if the value of certain assets declines, including due to changes in interest ra

Page 9: Adverse changes to our credit ratings from the major credit rating agencies could significantly limi

Page 10: In the event of a resolution, whether in a bankruptcy proceeding or under the orderly liquidation au

Page 11: Note 1 Summary of Significant Accounting Principles,Note 5 Outstanding Loans and LeasesNote 6 Allowa

Page 12: The U.K. Referendum, and the planned exit of the U.K. from the EU, could adversely affect us.

Page 13: A cyber-attack, information or security breach, or a technology failure of ours or of a third party

Page 14: Our mortgage loan repurchase obligations or claims from third parties could result in additional los

Page 15: Our risk management framework may not be effective in mitigating risk and reducing the potential for

Page 16: We are subject to significant financial and reputational risks from potential liability arising from

Page 17: Note 16 Regulatory Requirements and Restrictions

Page 18: Other

Page 19: Failure to properly manage and aggregate data may result in our inability to manage risk and busines

Page 20: Item 3. Legal Proceedings

Page 21: Financial Highlights

Page 22: Management s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations

Page 23: Recent Developments

Page 24: Net Interest Income

Page 25: Balance Sheet Overview

Page 26: Trading Account Liabilities

Page 27: Non-GAAP Reconciliations

Page 28: N/A

Page 29: N/A

Page 30: N/A

Page 31: N/A

Page 32: Business Segment Operations

Page 33: Consumer Banking

Page 34: Consumer Lending

Page 35: Global Wealth Investment Management

Page 36: Consumer Banking

Page 37: Global Banking

Page 38: Global Banking

Page 39: Global Markets

Page 40: Sales and Trading Revenue

Page 41: Note 12 Commitments and Contingencies

Page 42: Representations and Warranties Obligations

Page 43: Board of Directors and Board Committees

Page 44: Executive Officers

Page 45: Corporation-wide Stress Testing

Page 46: Regulatory Capital

Page 47: N/A

Page 48: Bank of America, N.A. Regulatory Capital

Page 49: Revisions to Basel 3 to Address Current Expected Credit Loss Accounting

Page 50: Global Liquidity Sources and Other Unencumbered Assets

Page 51: Net Stable Funding Ratio

Page 52: Contingency Planning

Page 53: Note 3 Derivatives

Page 54: Consumer Credit Portfolio

Page 55: Consumer BankingGWIMAll Other

Page 56: N/A

Page 57: Home Equity

Page 58: N/A

Page 59: Purchased Credit-impaired Loan Portfolio

Page 60: Direct/Indirect Consumer

Page 61: Commercial Portfolio Credit Risk Management

Page 62: Note 12 Commitments and Contingencies

Page 63: N/A

Page 64: Commercial and Industrial

Page 65: Nonperforming Commercial Loans, Leases and Foreclosed Properties Activity

Page 66: Risk Mitigation

Page 67: Note 3 Derivatives

Page 68: N/A

Page 69: Provision for Credit Losses

Page 70: Reserve for Unfunded Lending Commitments

Page 71: N/A

Page 72: Market Risk Management

Page 73: Market Liquidity Risk

Page 74: N/A

Page 75: Backtesting

Page 76: Trading Portfolio Stress Testing

Page 77: Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Derivative Contracts

Page 78: Mortgage Banking Risk Management

Page 79: Reputational Risk Management

Page 80: Fair Value of Financial Instruments

Page 81: Note 19 Income Taxes

Page 82: Income Tax Expense

Page 83: N/A

Page 84: N/A

Page 85: N/A

Page 86: Consumer Banking All Other

Page 87: Item 7A. Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures about Market Risk

Page 88: Internal Control Integrated Framework (2013)

Page 89: To the Board of Directors and Shareholders of Bank of America Corporation:

Page 90: Bank of America Corporation and Subsidiaries

Page 91: Bank of America Corporation and Subsidiaries

Page 92: Bank of America Corporation and Subsidiaries

Page 93: Bank of America Corporation and Subsidiaries

Page 94: Bank of America Corporation and Subsidiaries

Page 95: Significant Accounting Principles

Page 96: Derivatives Used For Hedge Accounting Purposes (Accounting Hedges)

Page 97: Purchased Credit-impaired Loans

Page 98: Nonperforming Loans and Leases, Charge-offs and Delinquencies

Page 99: Loans Held-for-sale

Page 100: Fair Value

Page 101: Revenue Recognition

Page 102: Foreign Currency Translation

Page 103: NOTE 3 Derivatives

Page 104: Offsetting of Derivatives

Page 105: ALM and Risk Management Derivatives

Page 106: Fair Value Hedges

Page 107: Other Risk Management Derivatives

Page 108: Credit-related Contingent Features and Collateral

Page 109: Valuation Adjustments on Derivatives

Page 110: NOTE 4 Securities

Page 111: N/A

Page 112: N/A

Page 113: NOTE 5 Outstanding Loans and Leases

Page 114: Nonperforming Loans and Leases

Page 115: Note 1 Summary of Significant Accounting Principles

Page 116: N/A

Page 117: N/A

Page 118: Impaired Loans and Troubled Debt Restructurings

Page 119: N/A

Page 120: Credit Card and Other Consumer

Page 121: N/A

Page 122: Commercial Loans

Page 123: Purchased Credit-impaired Loans

Page 124: NOTE 6 Allowance for Credit Losses

Page 125: NOTE 7 Securitizations and Other Variable Interest Entities

Page 126: Note 4 SecuritiesNote 5 Outstanding Loans and Leases. Note 11 Long-term Debt.

Page 127: Other Asset-backed Securitizations

Page 128: Home Equity Loans

Page 129: Investment VIEs

Page 130: Intangible Assets

Page 131: Offsetting of Securities Financing Agreements

Page 132: Restricted Cash

Page 133: NOTE 11Long-term Debt

Page 134: Trust Preferred Securities

Page 135: Other Commitments

Page 136: All Other

Page 137: Litigation and Regulatory Matters

Page 138: Ambac v. Countrywide II

Page 139: Mortgage Appraisal Litigation

Page 140: NOTE 13 Shareholders Equity

Page 141: N/A

Page 142: NOTE 14 Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss)

Page 143: NOTE 15 Earnings Per Common Share

Page 144: Other Regulatory Matters

Page 145: NOTE 17 Employee Benefit Plans

Page 146: N/A

Page 147: Plan Assets

Page 148: Fair Value Measurements

Page 149: Projected Benefit Payments

Page 150: NOTE 18Stock-based Compensation Plans

Page 151: Note 14 Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss)

Page 152: NOTE 20 Fair Value Measurements

Page 153: Derivative Assets and Liabilities

Page 154: N/A

Page 155: N/A

Page 156: N/A

Page 157: N/A

Page 158: N/A

Page 159: N/A

Page 160: N/A

Page 161: Uncertainty of Fair Value Measurements from Unobservable Inputs

Page 162: Nonrecurring Fair Value

Page 163: Loans Reported as Trading Account Assets

Page 164: NOTE 22 Fair Value of Financial Instruments

Page 165: Fair Value of Financial Instruments

Page 166: All Other All Other.

Page 167: All OtherNote 1 Summary of Significant Accounting PrinciplesNote 2 Noninterest Income

Page 168: NOTE 24 Parent Company Information

Page 169: NOTE 25 Performance by Geographical Area

Page 170: Glossary

Page 171: Acronyms

Page 172: Disclosure Controls and Procedures

Page 173: Bank of America Corporation and Subsidiaries

Page 174: Item 12. Security Ownership of Certain Beneficial Owners and Management and Related Stockholder Matt

Page 175: Bank of America Corporation and Subsidiaries

Page 176: N/A

Page 177: N/A

Page 178: N/A

Page 179: Item 16. Form 10-K Summary

Page 180: N/A


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