Form 10-K Period: DEC.31.08 Date Filed: MAR.03.09
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  Form 10-K (Entire Filing)

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Page 2: INDEX

Page 3: PART I

Page 4: Market Opportunity

Page 5: The Established Model

Page 6: Our Solution

Page 7: N/A

Page 8: Our Strategy

Page 9: Our Services

Page 10: Knowledge (athenaRules)

Page 11: athenaClinicals

Page 12: Sales and Marketing

Page 13: Marketing Initiatives

Page 14: N/A

Page 15: Competition

Page 16: Government Regulation

Page 17: Government Regulation of Reimbursement

Page 18: Stark Law and Similar State Laws.

Page 19: Electronic Prescribing Laws

Page 20: Foreign Regulations

Page 21: Employees

Page 22: Financial Information

Page 23: Leslie Locke

Page 24: We have incurred significant operating losses in the past and may not remain profitable in the futur

Page 25: The market for our services is immature and volatile, and if it does not develop or if it develops m

Page 26: If the revenue of our clients decreases, our revenue will decrease.

Page 27: If participants in our channel marketing and sales lead programs do not maintain appropriate relatio

Page 28: We depend upon a third-party service provider for important processing functions. If this third-part

Page 29: If we are required to collect sales and use taxes on the services we sell in additional jurisdiction

Page 30: We may be sued by third parties for alleged infringement of their proprietary rights.

Page 31: We are bound by exclusivity provisions that restrict our ability to enter into certain sales and mar

Page 32: We have entered into a derivative contract with a financial counterparty, the effectiveness of which

Page 33: If our security measures are breached or fail, and unauthorized access is obtained to a client s dat

Page 34: Various events could interrupt clients access to athenaNet, exposing us to significant costs.

Page 35: We rely on third-party computer hardware and software that may be difficult to replace or that could

Page 36: If our services fail to provide accurate and timely information, or if our content or any other elem


Page 38: N/A

Page 39: N/A

Page 40: N/A

Page 41: Potential regulatory requirements placed on our software, services, and content could impose increas

Page 42: Potential subsidy of services similar to ours may reduce client demand.

Page 43: A limited number of stockholders have the ability to influence the outcome of director elections and

Page 44: We do not currently intend to pay dividends on our common stock, and, consequently, your ability to

Page 45: PART II

Page 46: Stock Performance Graph

Page 47: Issuer Purchases of Equity Securities

Page 48: N/A

Page 49: The following discussion and analysis should be read in conjunction with our consolidated financial

Page 50: Sources of Revenue

Page 51: Selling and Marketing Expense.

Page 52: Other Income (Expense).

Page 53: Software Development Costs

Page 54: Share-Based Payment

Page 55: Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes, an interpretation of FASB Statement No. 109

Page 56: Purchased Intangible Assets

Page 57: Consolidated Results of Operations

Page 58: Implementation and Other Revenue.

Page 59: Depreciation and Amortization.

Page 60: Implementation and Other Revenue.

Page 61: Depreciation and Amortization.

Page 62: Quarterly Results of Operations

Page 63: Liquidity and Capital Resources

Page 64: N/A

Page 65: Credit Facilities

Page 66: Contractual Obligations

Page 67: Recent Accounting Pronouncements

Page 68: Determining Whether an Instrument (or an Embedded Feature) Is Indexed to an Entity s Own Stock

Page 69: Evaluation of Disclosure Controls and Procedures

Page 70: Internal Control Integrated Framework

Page 71: Changes in Internal Control Over Financial Reporting

Page 72: PART IV

Page 73: N/A


Page 75: Financial Statements and Supplementary Data


Page 77: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 78: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 79: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 80: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 81: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 82: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 83: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 84: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 85: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 86: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 87: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 88: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 89: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 90: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 91: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 92: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 93: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 94: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 95: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 96: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 97: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 98: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 99: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 100: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 101: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 102: athenahealth, Inc.

Page 103: athenahealth, Inc.


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