Form 20-F Period: DEC.31.15 Date Filed: FEB.26.16
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  Form 20-F (Entire Filing)

Filing Body

Page 1: As filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 26, 2016


Page 3: N/A

Page 4: Introduction

Page 5: PART I

Page 6: Operating Results

Page 7: Use of Certain Non-GAAP Financial Measures

Page 8: Risks related to our business

Page 9: Significantly increased volatility and instability and unfavorable economic conditions may adversely

Page 10: The semiconductor industry is characterized by continued price erosion, especially after a product h

Page 11: Interruptions in our information technology systems could adversely affect our business.

Page 12: We rely to a significant extent on proprietary intellectual property. We may not be able to protect

Page 13: Notwithstanding the recent closing of the Merger, we may continue to make other acquisitions and eng

Page 14: We may from time to time restructure parts of our processes. Any such restructuring may impact custo

Page 15: We rely on the timely supply of equipment and materials and could suffer if suppliers fail to meet t

Page 16: We are exposed to a variety of financial risks, including currency risk, interest rate risk, liquidi

Page 17: There may from time to time exist deficiencies in our internal control systems that could adversely

Page 18: The price of our common stock historically has been volatile. The price of our common stock may fluc

Page 19: Charges to earnings resulting from the application of the purchase method of accounting in relation

Page 20: We are a foreign private issuer and, as a result, are not subject to U.S. proxy rules but are subjec

Page 21: If we do not comply with the covenants in our debt agreements or fail to generate sufficient cash to

Page 22: The accounting for the 2019 Cash Convertible Senior Notes results in recognized interest expense sig

Page 23: Merger

Page 24: High Performance Mixed Signal

Page 25: Automotive

Page 26: Secure Connected Devices (SCD).

Page 27: Secure Interfaces and Infrastructure (SI I).

Page 28: Corporate and Other

Page 29: N/A

Page 30: Sales, Marketing and Customers

Page 31: Legal Proceedings


Page 33: D.

Page 34: Inventories

Page 35: Income taxes

Page 36: Litigation and claims

Page 37: Year Ended December 31, 2015 Compared to Year Ended December 31, 2014

Page 38: Operating Expenses

Page 39: Financial Income (Expense)

Page 40: Year Ended December 31, 2014 Compared to Year Ended December 31, 2013

Page 41: Operating Expenses

Page 42: Operating Income (Loss)

Page 43: Results Relating to Equity-accounted Investees

Page 44: Cash Flow from Investing Activities

Page 45: 2020 Senior Unsecured Notes and 2022 Senior Unsecured Notes

Page 46: 2023 Senior Unsecured Notes

Page 47: Long-term Debt

Page 48: Certain Terms of the 2019 Cash Convertible Senior Notes

Page 49: Intellectual Property

Page 50: F.

Page 51: G.

Page 52: Board of Directors

Page 53: N/A

Page 54: Management Team

Page 55: B.

Page 56: Annual Incentive

Page 57: Richard L. Clemmer, CEO and president

Page 58: Other members of our board of directors

Page 59: Pensions

Page 60: Summary Compensation Table

Page 61: Management Structure

Page 62: Board Committees

Page 63: Major Shareholders and Related Party Transactions

Page 64: Financial Statements

Page 65: Item 9. The Offer and Listing

Page 66: N/A

Page 67: Certain Tax Considerations-Holder of Common Stock

Page 68: vrijgestelde beleggingsinstelling

Page 69: Gift Tax and Inheritance Tax

Page 70: Taxation of Dividends

Page 71: Certain Tax Considerations Holder of Common Stock Summary of Dutch Tax Considerations Withholding Ta

Page 72: Item 11. Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures about Market Risk

Page 73: PART II

Page 74: Item 16B. Code of Ethics

Page 75: Item 16F. Change in Registrant s Certifying Accountant

Page 76: The NASDAQ Global Select Market Corporate Governance Rules

Page 77: Item 16H. Mine Safety Disclosures

Page 78: PART III

Page 79: N/A

Page 80: N/A

Page 81: N/A


Page 83: N/A

Page 84: N/A

Page 85: N/A



Page 88: Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm

Page 89: NXP Semiconductors N.V.

Page 90: NXP Semiconductors N.V.

Page 91: NXP Semiconductors N.V.

Page 92: NXP Semiconductors N.V.

Page 93: NXP Semiconductors N.V.

Page 94: NXP Semiconductors N.V.

Page 95: Foreign currencies

Page 96: Derivative financial instruments including hedge accounting

Page 97: Cash and cash equivalents

Page 98: Research and development

Page 99: Financial income and expense

Page 100: Share-based compensation

Page 101: Accounting standards adopted in 2015

Page 102: 3 Acquisitions and Divestments

Page 103: Pro forma financial information (unaudited)

Page 104: Divestments

Page 105: Equity- accounted investees

Page 106: 5 Restructuring Charges

Page 107: 6 Provision for Income Taxes

Page 108: Deferred tax assets and liabilities

Page 109: N/A

Page 110: 7 Earnings per Share

Page 111: Stock options

Page 112: N/A

Page 113: Restricted share units

Page 114: 10 Inventories, net

Page 115: 12 Identified Intangible Assets

Page 116: 13 Goodwill

Page 117: Defined-benefit plans

Page 118: N/A

Page 119: Plan assets

Page 120: Postretirement health care benefits

Page 121: 2020 Senior Unsecured Notes and 2022 Senior Unsecured Notes

Page 122: 2019 Cash Convertible Senior Notes

Page 123: N/A

Page 124: Impact of Conversion Contingencies on Financial Statements

Page 125: Environmental remediation

Page 126: Share-based awards

Page 127: Other

Page 128: Notes Embedded Conversion Derivative and Warrants

Page 129: Geographical Information

Page 130: 23 Subsequent Events


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